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Sorry for the minimal content at the moment! Now that I’ve migrated across from a personal domain to my permanent home, I’ll start collecting and collating my content. Some of this will be cut-and-paste from my other presence-points, and I have ideas for some new stuff too. What you can look out for:

  • Port across my best posts on leadership and agility (in progress)
  • A tour of my current conservatory workshop
  • A talk through some of the things I’ve built already
  • Reviews of some of my favourite tools
    • Pocket hole jig
    • Circular saw
    • Drills & drivers (and why it’s important to choose the right ones)
    • Table saw
    • Nailers
      • 23ga pin nailer
      • 18ga brad nailer
      • 16ga brad nailer
      • and the de-nailer
    • Chain saws
      • The Worx “safety” saw
      • The big bad petrol monster
      • The itty bitty Ryobi 18V – my favourite!
  • The design and construction story of my new-build workshop

If it sounds like I’ll have a lot more to say about woodworking that leadership & agility… that’s just because “leadership and agility” is a massive pair of subjects.

No, I’m not Steve Ramsey or Izzy Swan. I’m certainly not April Wilkerson. They’re all far better looking than me, with much less annoying voices. Therefore don’t expect to see (or hear) much of yours-truly. It’s all about the content. Not the messenger. And honestly, you’re not missing much. I really am a grumpy old fart. And a big fat one, at that. Oh and by the way, I’m a huge fan of these three folks. If you haven’t looked them up on YouTube, now’s a good time. Tell them I sent you.

I’m always excited to hear your thoughts on my content. If you feel I’m getting something fundamentally wrong, please tell me!

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I'm a grumpy old fart. I know a lot about leadership, culture & agility, something about wellbeing, and a little about woodworking.


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